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Deca welding machines

deca MIG MAG 500 - 258800

wire feed welder Co2

Manual wire feed welding (2 steps)
Spot welding: gives the possibility of welding two overlapped metal sheets with welding spots, when having access only from one side
Adjustable burnback: eliminates the sticking of the welding wire to the weld puddle or to the contact tip
Adjustable soft start. This result is a smooth welding arc start
ON/OFF switch to turn off the machine without changing the power adjustment
TURBO: fan cooling system
Overload protection
Wheeled welder
Equipped with Euro connection torch

deca SW 100 - 276600

Electric resistance welder

MICROPROCESSOR optimizes the welding parameters
a) "SYNERGETIC ADJUSTMENT" Automatically sets the welding parameters according to the selected tool and the workpiece thickness.
b) Adjustable time and spot welding current.
c) Two-digit instrument for adjustable welding current setting.
d) Possibility of using at the same time a spot gun and a studder gun in order to avoid any waste of time in tools fitting up.
"PULSE" Continuous single spot and pulsed single spot for sheet metals high yield strength and galvanized steel.
"SURE SPOT" Automatic compensation grants all welding spots evenness.
Comes complete with:
Spot Gun with arms 120mmm
Studder Gun
Arm with cables support

deca SW 22 -275600

Electric resistance welder

MICROPROCESSOR: optimizes the welding parameters
Power - time setting
Single, pulsed or continuos spot selector
Chart Showing welding parameters
Thermal protective indicator
Gun with quick connectio

deca I-PAC 1235 - 114600

Compressed air plasma cutting machine 10 mm

It cuts all electricity conductive metals: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, even if very high strength .
Low input energy
Steady and smooth cutting arc
Leds indicating:
equipment connection to the power
Thermostatic protection
Overvoltage, generator +/- 30%
air pressure
Torches equipped with SAFETY SYSTEM

deca SC 80-330300

Professional microprocessor-controlled battery charger and starter

Suitable for charging lead batteries: WET serviceable and maintenance free, AGM, GEL, Ca/Ca.“Safe Charge & Boost”: The system protects the electronic components on the vehicle against interference and overvoltage that may be created at the charging or quick starting procedures. (DIN 408399 interference emission level I).
Multi step charging- The batteries are charged by applying sophisticated multi-step programs.Floating - Can remain connected to the battery for a long time. Batteries are ready to use at all times.
Continuously adjustable charge current.Lets you charge optimally batteries of all capacities (Ah).Charging with timerBoosting remote control
Digital Voltmeter / AmmeterOverload protection with automatic reset
Inversions of polarity and short circuits protection .Heavy duty clamps

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